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Reach & connect with new audiences at lightning speed.

B2B or B2C.  We have a proprietary system of reaching your perfect client fast and sending them straight to you.

No praying they search for your keyword or see your banner ad, no wishing they would download your free .pdf or watch your video but a simple


I want what you are offering!

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We can supply an endless amount of highly qualified leads on a

pay per lead basis.

Meaning, if we don’t perform you don’t pay!

So how does it work?

1. We have an initial conversation with you to establish your ideal client.

2. We build a strategy to target this exact customer.

3. We use our amazing reach & copywriting skills to connect with your clients and start a conversation.

4. We send them to you to continue the conversation and ultimately turn them into a client.

5. You pay us a small nominal fee for each qualified lead.

WHO: We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Sydney Australia that focuses pay per lead strategies.

WHAT: We bring you new qualified leads and clients.

HOW: Using modern targeting techniques we can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Our clients include:

We only work with a selected number of clients in any geographical location and industry.

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We are not looking to take-over your existing marketing campaigns.

We are looking to complement your current campaigns.

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We are the best at what we do!

At Konnect4 we work with many, Australian businesses  we use data, statistics and computer learning to make sure our messages go directly to your client at the right time.

With 15+ years in the digital space, our team has seen the progress from basic word ads to complex targeted display ads and remarketing. We use our ongoing experience to improve our services and results for all clients we partner with.

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Industry leading 30 Day performance guarantee.

We guarantee to bring you fresh listing leads within the first 30 days 

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